Aaron Lim

This section is so I can copy and paste when someone asks me for a bio or profile:"Aaron Lim is a designer of tabletop games and games educator based in Malaysia. His work ranges from board and card games to story games and tabletop RPGs. Most of his work is self-published at ehronlime.itch.io and crowdfunded through Kickstarter."This section is just for you reading this profile:"He is also often insufferable about committing to comedic bits with poor payoffs. He likes including puns and very bad attempts at wordplay in his games. You can find most of his game output on itch.io or his newsletter and most of his pun output on Twitter (links below)."

Some Cool Games I Made:

Spectres of Brocken

A GM-less storygame about trainee pilots meeting at an academy, and then again years later as ace pilots in a pivotal conflict. Successfully Kickstarted a full digital and physical edition in 2022.

An Altogether Different River

A GM-less storygame about a town changing through time, through the lens of residents who left and returned and those that remained.
Successfully Kickstarted a physical edition during ZineQuest 3 in 2021.

Game A Month 2020 Pack

An collection of 14+ RPGs and storygames made for my Game a Month project in 2020.


An anthology of 3 games about home and going away (How to Say Goodbye, Ithaca in the Cards, and Far From Home).

Dungeon Whatever

A d20-based heroic fantasy RPG about fantasy heroics.

Ithaca in the Cards

A blackjack-based GM-less storygame about doomed travelers on a perilous journey home.

Another Face in the Crowd

A cyberpunk RPG about banding together to take down the Establishment.

Student Protectors of Malaysia

A PbtA/FitD-based RPG about teen superheroes juggling superheroics with preparing for their SPM exams.

Other Cool Things I've Done: